Construction Management

With our intimate knowledge of every aspect of construction, we maintain the industry’s most comprehensive project management control system. Fueled by this highly organized, systematic approach, we can effectively supervise every step. Even the most careful attention to detail in the planning process does not prevent problems, but our experience has trained us to be flexible, responsive, intuitive, and innovative. We quickly and adeptly respond—not react—to changes along the way, because 20 years of experience makes a big difference.

The planning, design, and construction of advanced technology facilities demand unwavering attention to detail. The specific requirements for testing and documentation vary greatly, from research and development laboratories to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that will be licensed for commercial products.

At The Richmond Group, we understand the intricacies of these challenges. We have developed a group of highly experienced planners, project managers, engineers, field supervisors, and construction experts with exceptional technical knowledge.

Your Richmond Group team will guide your project through every phase of construction with rigorous attention to detail and expert management to ensure completion on time and on budget.