The Richmond Group Difference

From the beginning we have consciously strived to improve the traditional design and construction model. We believe that successful projects are achieved by creating an environment where all of the disciplines required orchestrating a complete project work together from start to finish as one entity with the same mandate: to meet the clients overall project goals.

As technology advances with cutting edge software the line between architects and engineers becomes more integrated with the vendors and subcontractors who ultimately have to put the work into place. By integrating the design and engineering with construction planning and management from the beginning, budget and schedule objectives are achieved by providing direction from the onset and immediate feedback as the pre-construction phase advances.

Richmond has established a preconstruction team that is experienced in establishing the overall project goals and developing a path and vision for the overall success of a project. The success of the project is established during preconstruction. Once a detailed preconstruction plan has been established our experienced construction staff is able to execute the plan with minimal conflicts and surprises in the field.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with the accurate information required to make critical decisions that cap risk and lead to predictable results.