Preconstruction Planning

As specialists in the planning and construction of technically advance facilities, The Richmond Group brings a wealth of insight that can help you navigate the many challenges of getting a complex project successfully completed. Our thorough understanding of the process prevents you from paying the price of a learning curve – through delays, mistakes and cost overruns.

We have explored different approaches, researched numerous options, and identified the best solutions to the numerous decision points which have to be considered for every project. We get involved with our clients early in the planning process, because we have learned that careful planning is the key to a successful life science construction project.

The Richmond Group’s planners develop the programming documents that are necessary to determine the projects requirements. Smaller companies without an in-house facilities staff often use our highly respected team as an extension of their company to plan and execute all size projects.

Our planners and estimators work with you to determine exactly what your facility will require, using knowledge of construction and your industry’s needs that are essential to determining an accurate cost to meet your goals.

Next, the pre-construction planners follow a systematic route to maximize efficiency. The comprehensive process successfully guides your project through this critical phase.

  • Programming
  • Preliminary design analysis
  • HVAC, plumbing, piping and electrical requirements
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Building evaluations
  • Hazardous material strategies
  • Permitting
  • Cost estimating and overall project costs
  • Sustainability design and LEED analysis and strategy
  • Critical path scheduling
  • BIM – we utilize emerging BIM technologies throughout the project from pre-construction planning, estimating, scheduling/logistics and physical coordination.

With the extra attention to detail in the planning stage, we establish a foundation for success and predictable scheduling and financial results.